Seasoned User Experience Professional


My Experience

I have extensive experience in user-centered design. Areas of expertise include research and design of biomedical and healthcare products, consumer products and services, networked systems and building design.

My Skillset

I am skilled at identifying user’s needs/wants and translating them into exceptional user experiences.  My portfolio shows a glimpse of my ability to achieve results, on my own and in collaboration with others, 

My Passions

Outside of the office, I enjoy biking, kayaking, blacksmithing and fencing

 (the sport, not the activity).  

I also enjoy traveling and eating interesting food. 

Areas of Experience

Biomedical & Healthcare

I started researching and designing user experiences for medical devices and healthcare with the design of the electronic medical record (EMR) for Celebration Health in Florida.  Designing and evaluating clinician and patient programmers for implantable devices has become one of my specialties. I also have technical experience designing healthcare facilities such as MRI suites, clinics and clinician offices with x-ray stations.

Online (Web Experiences)

I have been designing online experiences for almost as long as there has been an "online". Keeping current with trends and advances in today's data-driven, highly interactive web experiences, my passion has been to identify user's needs/wants and then design compelling experiences to support those aspirations.   


As an advocate of user-centered design, I research user needs and then take the design from wireframes and prototypes through to production and execution.  I have designed and evaluated everything from embedded systems to Windows and Android Apps. I am comfortable producing the graphic assets as well.  Most of the designs have been for companies, but I still have one personal app on the Apple store.  

Graphics & Print

What would a user experience be without a picture or two?  Using the tools of the trade (e.g, Adobe Creative Suite) I have created everything from graphics and animations for software to setup posters and packaging artwork.  

Hardware & Architecture

I know that hardware and buildings don't usually go together (unless you consider buildings to be just large pieces of hardware). :) I have worked with industrial designers and mechanical engineers on many hardware devices in the consumer products and medical device industries.  I also spent 5 years designing clinics, offices and imaging suites. 

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